Sunday, August 20, 2006

Jinjin and Sasa Adventure in Underwater World Singapore

This section list the adventures of Jinjin and Sasa as they embarked a visit to Underwater World in Singapore

Underwater World Singapore situated on Sentosa Island of Singapore, is a unique and well-known oceanarium showcasing some 2500 marine life from 250 species from around the regions and is extremely popular with visitors for providing fun, leisure and educational experiences.

Pink Dolphin at Lagoon

Sand Tiger Shark

See the size of the fish behind sasa

Sea Angels

Urghh.. Attack of the Crabs

This crab is bigger than
Jinjin and sasa

An eel (Moray?)

Sasa kissing a giant fish that is going to eat her up..

Shh... A tiger shark above Jinjin's head..

The trip to underwater world comes with a complimentary visit to dolphin lagoon, where a total of 5 pink dolphins are living. Underwater has some problems and run-in with animal conservation bodies regarding the feasibility of keeping pink dolphins in a small lagoon, but they stubbornly (in the name of profit making) refused to release these lovely creatures, even after the dolphins in their care have died. Read about them here and here. As we were late, we did not have the opportunity to visit the pink dolphins.

Green Turtle

Pic of turtle nest

Outside the aquarium is the turtle conservatory area, where we can learn more about turtles. Of interest to me is the pic of the turtle nest, where the newly hatched baby turtle was shown to be crawling out of a sand pit. There is also a turtle pond, and a sting ray pond outside the aquarium.


Sea Dragon

Venturing inside the aquarium, the first sight that greet us is the touch pond. There is a variety of coral, starfish, archer fish, and even sharks (I am not kidding) - available for touching. Further up is a small showcase of coral reef. As I glance in to the coral reef, a sea of colors greeted me - fishes of all shapes and colors were swimming leisurely in the coral reef. The breathtaking sight left me standing flabbergasted.

Sasa in touch pool

coral reef

Next, we visited the dinosaur showcase - featuring some oddballs and unknown species of marine life, such as the ammonite and the funny sea creature below. My jaw dropped open in amazement at the variety of sea life. At a corner, we found the sea angel (see right panel) - a species of sea slug that looks like jelly fish.

funny Sea Creature looking like it is from Age of Dinosaur

Ammonite (Live) - There are fossils of huge ammonite millions of years old!

As we go down the stairs, we were assaulted by waves of crabs. A huge variety of crabs of all sizes and shapes greet us. The Spanner Crab, Mud Crab, Fiddle Crab, and a crab that is bigger than Sasa and I (see right) were but some of the crabs on display.

Dugong - a seal like creature
that feed on Sea plants.

Sawtooth Shark??

As we enter the tunnel that is characteristics of all underwater world, we were amazed by the slight of sawtooth sharks, dugong, and a wide variety of fish. There were even a sunken ship mock up in the display tank. I like the hologram of great white shark. And I love the jellyfish world that greets us as we exit from Underwater world.

Hologram of great white shark ready to bite us.

Jellyfish world

This experience is very interesting, but I wish that there were more exhibits - the underwater world in Singapore is really tiny compared to those in Australia.

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