Saturday, March 22, 2008

Aquarium Design Group

I chanced across a website that has an awesome gallery of outstanding aquarium designs. Below are some of the works by them. (Do click on the images for a larger picture).
This design appeals to me because of the colorful collection of fishes in a tropical plant setup. Would love to know what type of fish is the blue and yellow fish. This tank setup showing mono-sabre and Cichlids is stunning because of its simplicity. I love this design.
Most cichlid aquariums are characterised by lots of rocks for hiding and very little plants. Here, AquariumDesign's work beg to differ. It looks awesome to me. For the traditionalist who prefers lots of rocks and coral for marine aquariums, this is one example of a thriving marine aquarium.
The sheer variety of marine fishes and the bight corals just took my breath away as I stare mesmerised by the scene.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

The International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest 2007

Some of the most amazing layout for aquariums can be found here, and I really love the design of most them. The pics are from Adana-USA website, and if you like the design here, do check out their website.

This design scores highly with me because of its simpility - a tree, 'a river' and plants on both banks.

This tank looks like a waterfall flowing in the middle of a tropical rainforest. Awesooommee.

Mount Fiji anyone? A large 'voclano' and nothing else creates a huge free swimming area.

I hate to say it, but I am a sucker for designs with 'river' in between. :P

I can't help but to be awed by the sight of Mountains. Note to self: I want mountains, plants, waterfall and rivers in my tank. Of course, I want lots of fishy too.

Does the place resembles a tree branch in the water? This design is the winner of the competition, but personally I don't really dig it. Maybe the tree branches look like spider legs...

For some reasons, the sight of the branch and plants seems very visually pleasing. Must the background resembling clouds and the white sand.

This design is very creative and interesting - note the number of 'logs' sticking out of the plants area. It seems to suggest plenty of caves and full of hidden surprises. Love it.

Aquarium Designs

This section details some of the competitions, exhibitions and other odds and bits I cannot categorise in my blog.


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