Friday, July 04, 2008

Innovative Fish Tanks

I have always been curious about innovative fish tank designs, but these designs are really.. er.. unique. Make up your own mind if these are cool or what?

I wanna stay in this hotel for 1 night just to enjoy the view! This is a new underwater hotel in Istanbul (Turkey) to be opened in 2010.

This fish tank is in a Beijing Hotel. While it looks awesome, the fishes can only survive for approximately 6 days. :(

I heard about toilet bowl with fish tanks, but this is the first time I seen them: (above) (below)

For a dining experience that keeps your guests looking at your table and not the food,
this design rocks.

If photo frames are your thing, this frame of Altantis comes completed with live fishes.

This design of a sink fish tank is totally awesommmeee..

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