Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jinjin and Sasa Aquarium Adventure in Fish Street, Hong Kong

This section list the adventures of Jinjin and Sasa as they embarked a visit to Gold Fish Street in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong there is a street nickname 'Fish Street'. It is located near Prince Edward MTR, exit 2B. This Street contains a wide variety of fishes at very competitive prices. Both seawater and freshwater fishes are available here, as well as some other exotic marine pets such as snails, lobsters, terrapins etc.

Fishes are pre-bagged for quick sale

The sheer variety of marine and tropical fish available here is mind blowing, and in Jinjin's opinion, is one of few places that is a must-visit for all aquarium lovers. There are a wide variety of terrapins and turtles for sale as well. Perhaps what attact me most is that there some shops that specialize in treating your pet (something like a vet), while other shops just specialize in providing tanks, gravel and other accessories for your tank. Professional help in setting up your tank is available here.

African Cichilds

Some marine angels available.

Some lobsters

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