Friday, June 06, 2008

Jinjin and Sasa Aquarium Adventure @ Hong Kong Aquarium Plaza

Jinjin and Sasa

Map of the Store

Spacious Shopping Center

unidentified plant

with more than 40 stores, there is something new at every corner

Sharks for sale

This section list the adventures of Jinjin (Me) and Sasa (my lovely wife) as we head to Hong Kong Aquarium Plaza.

Hong Kong Aquarium Plaza is located in Hong Kong Island, near
Tai Woon MTR exit B. The basement is really big and contains over 40 shops, and sells all kinds of aquarium items, from accessories, tank, gravel, to fishes and other exotic animals. It has a nice selection of marine and freshwater fishes.
Map of how to go to Hong Kong Aquarium Plaza.

Our first stop is the marine fish aquarium, and we stand amazed at the variety of fishes, star-fish and other rare marine fish available. The highlight of the tour is a huge tank containing sharks!

Clown Fish

Wide Variety Of Coral

Exotic Sting Ray

Nurse Shark

Rare StarFishes

unidentified fish. Help is appreciated

Then we visited the freshwater aquarium. There is a wide variety of freshwater fishes available here, including congo tetra, platy, guppies, discus, goldfish, koi, angel fishes, and parrot fishes.


Parrot Fish with tattoo on their body

Puffer Fish

Cute Terrapins

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