Saturday, June 17, 2006

Apologies for the long downtime

For regular readers, I apologise for the long time of not updating this blog. My PC crashed, and being broke does not help me. Besides, as an IT professional, it is not ethical nor professional to use company's PC for my blogging. Besides, I am swarmed with work at the office, and have no time to blog anyway - the list of to do get longer with everyday. The only alternative is to save my monies and pray hard I save enough as soon as possible.

After 1.5 months, I finally saved enough monies to buy the harddisk for my PC and reconfigurating everything, I finally get the PC to work, and finally can blog at home. It is awesome to have a PC at home where you can blog at will. I missed all the blogging and chatting with my girlfriend sasa, and believe me, when my PC crashed I was pretty annoyed and very very frustrated - all my communications information is saved there. While I can blog, the sound card drivers and everything is gone, and I could not listen to music on my PC. Darn, must now save for a sound card!

To celebrate my return, I will be updating the adventures of jinjin and sasa with a new visit to Qian Hu Fish Farm (coming soon on 18 Jun 06). Then I will do some research on clown loaches and update it as well (coming soon by 25 jun 06).

For those readers who like this blog, thank you for your kind patience and bearing with me when my PC crashed.

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