Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jinjin And Sasa Adventure in Qian Hu Fish Farm

This section list the adventures of Jinjin and Sasa as they embarked a vist to Qian Hu Fish Farm in Singapore.

Qian Hu is one of the largest fish farm in Singapore, and is a public listed company in the Singapore Stock Exchange. It has branch in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China. Qian Hu carries a wide range of fishes, tank and fish products. In paritcular, it specialize in koi and dragonfish, but it has an impressive collection of all types of local freshwater fish. It is my personal opinion that Qian Hu fish are often overpriced, so buyer beware.

Qian Hu fish farm is located in 71, Jalan Lekar, Sungei Tengah. This location means that without a car, it is difficult to reach the place. It is a 20 -30 mins walk from the nearest bus stop in sunny and hot (30-34 C) Singapore. Luckily Qian Hu directors are smart and provide a free shuttle bus to and fro from Chao Chu Kang MRT. The bus leaves every 20-30 mins on weekends.

  1. Dragon Pond
  2. Gift Shop
  3. GoldFish Shed
  4. Koi Shed
  5. Entrance
  6. Golden Wall (dunno what is this)
  7. Packing Area
  8. Quarantine
  9. Farm Shed
  10. House of Dragon
  11. Argo-Education Center

Teacup stingray :D

All shapes and colors betta

Qian Hu is huge. The Bus stop me at the visitor shed, and being inquisitive, the first thing I saw are the breeding ponds marked 1 on the map.

Dragon Ponds - where the fishes are breed
Right - signboard showing the
directions in the farm.

Next, I walk around the Goldfish (3) and Koi Shed (4). There were many varieties of fishes, both big and small. Of interest to me is the koi (really cute baby koi) and the huge catfishes. I happened to pass by the Agro-Education center, and to my surprise and delight, they have indoor streams which are full of guppies, mollies and platies. You can take as much as you like within 30 mins for SG$5/=. This price includes a small plastic tank for your new fish, and if you ask nicely, they will throw in some food for your fish as well.

s baby koi pond. Lovely

Mollies, Platy and Guppy Stream. All you can catch in 30 mins for $5/=.

The House of Dragon (10) boast of a wide variety of dragonfish. Pity no photography allowed. Also, the packing area (7) and quarantine area (8) are off limits.

The gift shop is nice, but is tiny. There is one more thing of interest to aquarium owners: Qian Hu does sell a wide range of used tank very cheaply (at around $20/= - $50/= for a 48" tank). But they also sell new tanks (which are priced at $400 and up), and will aggressively promote the new tanks.

We left the fish farm tired but happy

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