Monday, July 31, 2006

Aquarium Lore Voted Best Hobby Blog in Best of Blogs Award Jul 2006

In the best of Singaporean blog contest organized by Sg friends, Aquarium lore was voted the best hobby blog for month of Jul 2006. Thank you all of you for making this possible.

These few months, I was buried in tons of work, as my projects dateline neared, and I could not research and blog about what I found as often as I would have like. Also, I seem to have a lot of negative emails and feedbacks about my work, and is feeling a bit discouraged. Therefore, winning this award is a bonus for me. The winning of this award and that my blog traffic continued to climb past the 15,000 unique hits mark (in less than 6 months), never creased to amazed me. When I first start this blog, all I want is to write about my love for my fish. I did not ever expect so many people will read my blog and grow to love it and visit it often with every posting.

To celebrate our win, we will be coming up with new fish datasheets such as glowlight tetra, mollies, and others fishes. As always, requests are welcomed - although I must confessed that the request list is getting longer and longer, and I now takes about 2-3 weeks to accomodate request.

This month will see Jinjin and Sasa continue their adventures in Singapore with a visit to Underwater world, Singapore, Pasir Ris Fish farm and more.

For those who love turtles and tortoises, this month will also feature a new turtle : the yellow mud turtle.

Finally, out of curiousity and amazement at the crustacean empire, I will do some research and write up on some crabs and lobsters...

Once again, thank you for voting for aqaurium lore and making it your favourite fish blog. It would not be possible without you.

Stay tuned with me as I move on in research for more fishes...


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