Saturday, July 29, 2006

Jinjin and Sasa Adventure in Sydney Aquarium

This section list the adventures of Jinjin and Sasa as they embarked a visit to Sydney Aquarium In Australia.

With the close location of the great barrier reef, this is one of a kind experience for viewing the rich heritage and sea life surrounding Australia. And indeed, we were not disappointed. The experience is wonderful and in our opinion, worth very cent of the admission ticket.

Sydney Aquarium Exterior

Platypus - a creature with beak
like a duck, fur like an otter, and poison in its crawls.

An alligator or a crocodile?

Blue Lobster

Another truly off-world experience in the great barrier reef showcase.

Sea Dragon

At the entrance, the jaws of a big shark greets me.. As we enter the dark aquarium, a sense of wonder and astonishment greets us.

One of the first exhibits we see is a platypus - a strange creature with the bill of a duck, body covered with hair like an otter, and a flat tail that allows it to swim and catch fish. An eye-opener indeed.

Enter the Jaws of Sydney Aquarium..

Snapping Turtle

It allows us to get up close and personal with a 20 feet crocodile/alligator (I could not tell which is it). I feel so strange being separated by a thin sheet of glass from the huge animal which could easily have me for supper.

Water Dragons

lion fish

Things that are worth a special mention to me is the snapping turtle with a lonnggg neck, water dragons - lizards that live near water and can swim to catch fish for food, blue lobsters, lion fish etc.

Great Barrier Reef Mock Up

The view of the fish swimming happily takes jinjin's breath away.

As I walk further, my attention was captured by the slight and the beauty of a mock up the great barrier reef. The splendor of the reef and the slight of fishes swimming happy or playing in the tank is a truly a sight to behold and something that makes me feel privileged to have seen.

The fearsome great white shark

Giant Stingray

The shark tunnel is another surreal experience. While it includes the traditional tiger sharks, nurse sharks and hammerheads, my attention and breath was captured by the slight of the great white shark. The teeth looks really wicked and I can believe how this creature could be responsible for so many deaths in sea. The white stingray is a huge contrast to what I expect from string rays- most string rays are the color of the sand or gravel. Perhaps this one is an albino ?

The sea dragon also captured my imagination, and although I though it is a sea horse, I can see from its tails and 'hands' that this is totally different species altogether.

A definitely most enjoyable and memorable experience!

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