Sunday, July 02, 2006

Jinjin and Sasa Adventure in Ocean Park

This section list the adventures of Jinjin and Sasa as they embarked a visit to Ocean Park in Hong Kong.

Ocean Park is a theme park in Hong Kong. Before Disneyland was opened in Hong Kong, Ocean Park is the only theme park in Hong Kong. Few people know this, but ocean park is also one of the best aquatic conservation and observation center in the world. The study of jellyfish is among the world's best, and Ocean Park boast of a wide variety of ocean life forms.

Jinjin being eaten by
great white shark in shark tunnel

A T-Rex eyes Jinjin
hungrily in the dinosaur

view of rides

you gonna love life
as a panda bear!

Ocean Park is too big for me to describe in words. I am just going to showcase some aquatic (and non-aquatic) highlights. Aquatic highlights includes the goldfish pavilion, where there are goldfish of all shapes and size. From the black molly to the celestial eye goldfish, this pavilion offers a pleasing walk among the various variety of goldfish and the koi.

Dolphin pool

Goldfish Pavilion

The Shark Tunnel is another notable mention, and it showcases several sharks species. But what really capture our imagination and wonder is the showcase of jellyfish. There are so many species and they all look so different - and left me flabbergasted. Of interest to others in also the dolphin pool. These porpoises are very friendly, and they sportingly made many jumps in the air for us.

amazing jelly fish

shark tunnel

In addition to catering to the ocean lovers, there are many things of interest to other parties. Some of these include the dinosaur park, where the dinosaurs look superb real, and the panda bear enclave. This is the first time Jinjin see a real panda bear.

ouch! What is that poking
my ass?

real pandas

Of course, no visit to ocean park is completed with the rides. While the rides are mild (by Jinjin's standards), Sasa was screaming and scared stiff. We left Ocean Park tired but happy.

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