Monday, April 17, 2006

Jinjin and Sasa Aquarium Adventure in Ang Mo Kio

This section list the adventures of Jinjin and Sasa as they embarked on the quest of finding good quality aquariums all over Singapore.

In this article, it details their treasure hunt in Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, which is a popular haunt for people living in Ang Mo Kio.

Ang Mo Kio is named for the high concentration of Eurasians living in the town (in the past). In Hokkien, 'Ang Mo' refers to a white man. But recently, for some strange reasons, the Ang Mo Kio town council choose to display tomatoes (which is also pronounced as 'Ang Mo' in Hokkien). It seems that the government does not want to preserve Ang Mo Kio's heritage as a white man's town and choose to call it 'tomato town' instead.

Map of Ang Mo Ave 1. The red star shows
where we found the aquariums

Arising Aquarium,
Blk 339, Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, #01-613.

Our hunt begins in Blk 341 Market/Food Court. There we found two Aquariums at #01-118 and #01-99. Both aquariums offers a mix of tropical aquarium fish, including goldfish, neon tetras, gourami etc. I purchased some glass fish from here at 50 cents each.



Slightly further up, we found another aquarium near Blk 339, at the corner, named Arising Aquarium. This Aquarium is highly interesting, and stocks crabs, lobsters, frogs as well as a good variety of aquarium fish. I bought some Rummynose tetra from here. Would dearly like to purchase the zebra and gold Danios, but my budget does not allow it at this time. Perhaps next time.

Our hunt takes us to Blk 347, where we found another treasure - Fish Fairy Aquarium. This shop is very small and crammed, but it stocks a huge variety of products. Of key interest is its availability of red Arowanas, and discus. One huge red arowana is for sale here at $8,888/=, but the owner does not allow me to take photos. :(

Another thing to note is its huge range of second hand tanks - a 30" tank cost only SG$25/= and a 36" tank cost only SG$30/=. I bought another swordtail and a female swordtail from this aquarium.

Tired, but happy, we cheerful headed home, where we add all our purchases into my tank.

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