Monday, April 17, 2006

My Fish Tank

For some time now, my readers have been asking me for a photo of my fish tank. For those readers who are curious about my fish tank, here are some photos of my fishes. I am an amateur photographer, so forgive me if the photos are not so clear.

My fish tank is about 36" and contains:

These fishes are all peaceful and small, so there are no conflicts in the tank. The biggest fish is about 4 cm (swordtail). The Guppies, Rummynose, Swordtails, Danios and the Black Widow Tetra are always the first few to eat, and happily wait for food at a corner when they see me coming. The discus and angelfish are more shy and take longer to eat. To solve the problem, I usually feed them a mixture of blood worms, tubifex (sinks to the bottom where the angel and discus fish will eat), micrograms food (for the smaller fish such as neon tetra), and floating food (for the first eaters).

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