Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jinjin and Sasa Aquarium Adventure in Seletar West Farmway

This section list the adventures of Jinjin and Sasa as they embarked on the quest of finding good quality aquariums all over Singapore.

In this post, it details their treasure hunt in Seletar West Farmway. There are many areas that allocated to fish farming in Singapore, and Seletar West Farmway is one of them. This place is famous among locals for its high quality koi and goldfish. Regardless of whatever fish you are looking for, there is always something here for everyone. Always bargain for a lower price here - the prices are usually flexible except for very small fish (about 20-80 cents).

Map of Seletar Farmway

Atlas Aquarium

Sea View Aquarium

A huge number of signboards to direct
visitors to visit their aquarium

Our hunt begins at C & B Aquarium, located at the extreme left of the map. This aquarium stock good quality koi, and specialize in koi only. Koi lovers will find the quality of koi here to be excellent, and many high graded koi is available here at vastly reduced prices.

Walking a bit further up is Atlas Aquarium. This aquarium stock all kind of fish, and also import koi. A warning to those who try to purchase fish here: the lady boss is a bit pushy, and will try to make you buy her fishes. Of interest to rare fish collectors is the butterfly fish. It is on sale here at SG$5/= each (after bargaining). The small elephant nose fish, another rare find in Singapore, is available here at SG$8/= each (after bargaining of course).

Butterfly fish available at Atlas Aquarium

Elephant Nose (small) available at Atlas Aquarium

At the corner of Seletar Farmway 2 and Seletar Farmway 1 is Sea View Aquarium. This aquarium got my vote for one of best aquarium in Singapore. It stocks an excellent collection of plants, Goldfish, Cichlids, a variety of rare fish (e.g. Black Ghost Knife Fish, Kissing Gourami), small fishes such as tetras, swordtails, guppy etc, as well as other equipments that fish owners (or aspiring fish owners) could possibility need (e.g. filters, lights, food, medicine, decorations, gravel, bigger tanks etc). The staff here are friendly and knowledgeable. All this made me a frequent visitor here.

Wide Collection of everything ever need at Sea View Aquarium

Huge variety of discus available at Asia Breeders Channel

Slightly further up is Mollie Aquarium. This aquarium just specialize in Gold Fish. Several larger, high quality gold fish can be found here.

A walk among the shade would lead you to Golden Tropical Fish. Of interest to the traveller is the huge variety of discus fish. Discus Fish of all colors and size are available here from SG$5/= for baby discus to SG$1,500 for a really beautiful medium discus. Also for those who like beautiful betta fish, there are quite a number in stock.

While I initially do not intend to purchase anything, the quality of the excellent fish made me purchase two clown loaches, some black neon tetra, and some penguin fish. Aiya, I just could not resist purchasing more fishy for my aquarium! :P

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