Saturday, April 15, 2006

Wow! Amazing Site Statistics

Looking back over last month, I could not be more amazed at the traffic in my site. Aquarium lore was started in Mar 2006, and by mid-April 2006 (1 month), I have over 1700+ visitors. Also, I am ranked (at my peak) #24 in Singapore Blog Directory, and was ranked #12 in BlogTopSites. I have only 14 posts as of 16 Apr 05. This sorts of fanaticised me.

For all those who have supported me, for all those who have read my blog, and have dropped a comments, I would like to say a big THANK YOU. My blog would not be so successful without you.

For some time, I was obsessed with the site ranking and site traffic, and worried - how am I going to maintain this sort of ranking? What if the traffic goes down? What visitors really like about my site and what they don't like? Thankfully, my girlfriend, Sasa, reminds me that blogging is my passion and hobby - I should do it when I am free. Most importantly, I should continue to chute out good quality articles, as readers will be drawn to good quality contents. Just do my best, and let the readers decide if my blog is worth reading and revisiting. I concurred with her, and immediately felt a lot more relaxed - Since I have done my best for my blog, I have no regrets, even if no one reads it. I should just let things be.

This blog is not possible without the support and love from my girlfriend. I would like to thank my girlfriend, Sasa, for being my most avid reader, and my biggest fan. I love you, and thank you for all your support.



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